How and why rent a yacht in Croatia?


Croatia has one of the best coastlines and a series of islands, so a yacht trip is something to look forward to in this region. Once you have set sail to Croatia on a rented yacht, you will probably return. There is so much to see, such as beautiful sceneries, numerous natural beaches, islands, cliffs and harbours with calm waters suitable for swimming. Don’t forget traveling to Croatia’s inland, with the countless historic places and old cities to uncover. What are you waiting for? rent a yacht in Croatia now.

Chartering a Yacht in Croatia

You won’t find a better way of exploring the Croatian coastline other than renting a yacht. There is plenty of places and things to be discovered with the exciting land and sea escapes. Croatia is among the sunniest European coastlines, with a 5.8 km stretch, with most of it being covered by islands, ranges and cliffs. That’s why a yacht trip to Croatia will be worthwhile.

The region has the warmest climate, perfect for vacationing. It also offers the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean Sea. Apart from the coast life, you ought to enjoy a lot from the people in Croatia, a country filled with a lot of ethnic history. Travel to old times of the Ottoman Empire and the old Roman times as stories get shared by the natives.

Croatia Yacht Itinerary

A trip to Croatia should be on their bucket list for boating fans. The advantage is that the region has plenty magnificent sceneries, and inland cities that you will want to stop everywhere. With the region having a lot in store for you, you don’t need a lot of planning for a trip to Croatia. However, if you prefer working with a specific plan, below, you will find Croatia’s best destinations that you shouldn’t miss out on as during your yacht rental. The Cities of Kotor will be a good place to start; for a lively environment, Sveti Stefan should be your destination and Mijet for massive vineyards and legend stories. To see architecture from the 17th century, Vis is where you should be headed, and Trogir is a must-see for heritage lovers. Other areas worth making a stop are Hvar, Brac and Dubrovnik.


Kotor is a city that is rich culturally and has preserved both natural and historical heritage. Start your yacht experience here. Take a cruise through the famous Boka Kotorska Bay as you appreciate the fantastic view of cliffs and photogenic islands. Take your time to stopover at the Peter II Petrovic Njegos mausoleum and the mountains in the area.


Mijet should be the first Island in Croatia to visit, and it is the greenest in the region. Mijet is famed for the production of different white and red wines, goat cheese and olives. Stop over, grab lunch as you tour the natural island and its salty lakes. One thing that’s lovely about Mijet is that you will enjoy the glorius view of the surrounding from the National park. Spend your afternoon in Pomena, where Odysseus is believed to have been held captive for years.


Vis is another intriguing Croatian Island, but it’s also far. The island has an assortment of captivating beaches and old architecture. The waters here are so clear and calm, so indulging in water activities like swimming and surfing is a possibility. Take your time and see the archaeological museums or go out for lunch at the eateries within the destroyed palazzos. Vis is just like Greece, so expect a warm atmosphere filled with attractive landscapes.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is another must-visit spot in Croatia. Take a sail to the peninsula; enjoy swimming in one of the beaches in the area. Imagine swimming in red waters! That’s how attractive Sveti Stefan is. Make a stop at Budva’s Old Town; take a walk on the narrow street as you enjoy the sight of historical monuments. During the day go shopping in the shops along the streets, and stop by the restaurants and galleries. Sveti Stefan also offers some bars and clubs if you are interested in some nightlife.


Hvar is popularly known as the “Queen of the Dalmatian Islands,” and you can anchor by the harbour for a taste of what this island offers. Here you will discover attractive beaches, ancient landmarks and bays. Why not visit the Spanish fortress for a photo session, or explore the Franciscan monastery? Hvar Island has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment. For example, you could have cocktails as you watch the sun setting and crush beach parties.


Brac is another enormous island in Croatia that has so much to see and do. The island has a mixture of both urban and traditional life. The area is popularly known for fishing and farming crops like olive oil, fruits and wine production. Make a stop at Supetar or Bol’s Zlati Rat for some quality beach life. On a calm afternoon, take a trail walk to the museum or the Leroj bell tower.


Dubrovnik is popularly reffered to as the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” Being a UNESCO heritage site, expect to see buildings made of old stones. Ensure you stopover at the Cultural History Museum and Dubrovnik’s local galleries in the area. Once you are done with the cultural expedition, walk into the luxurious eateries for the best traditional and modern meals.


Trogir has to be on every Croatian yacht traveller’s bucket list as they set sail to Croatia despite coming last on the list. It hosts the most significant heritage landmarks that are historically important in Europe. Amazingly, all these landmarks remain well preserved, giving people a chance to go down memory lane. There are so many eye-catching buildings to admire in Trogir. Go on a walk past the town’s primitive walls, pass by the town’s art galleries, and have lunch or dinner in the area’s restaurants. St Lawrence Cathedral, the Cipiko Palace, and the old clock Tower are other places worth mentioning.

Rent a Yacht to Croatia Now!

To rent a yacht in Croatia, contact for booking, and thankfully, the process is very simple. Let them know how many people will be on board, what type of yacht you want and what budget you are working with. The specialists will give you route suggestions as per your preferences. Customize a yacht plan with the help of a professional. Let them suggest some wonderful gems and must-visit islands in the country. To make the trip better, pick a crew to accompany you the entire time. The crew members help with sailing, cooking and ensuring everything is in order as you have fun.


The places mentioned in this guide will offer nothing but the best experience on and off-water. So, hopefully, you will enjoy your yacht trip to Croatia.