Why Should you Charter the elegant SabBaTiCaL SD118 Yacht ?

France is a dream destination to visit and to learn the European culture. Its coastlines are beautiful, and it offers a series of islands on which you can go with a yacht. The Italian and Spain islands are also fabulous places of discoveries. Indeed, they give access to mixed cultures with beautiful sceneries of forests or mountains, breathtaking natural beaches, astonishing animals and delicious food. Historic places and old cities are interesting to wander in when you go to the islands’ inland too. So, seize this incredible opportunity to charter the SabBaTiCaL sd118 yacht to see the secrets of multicultural islands unfolding in front of you!

Yacht Management in France

Evidence Yachting manages Yacht Charter, and it enables to cruise on the sea with the SabBaTiCaL SD118 Yacht. Many leisure places can be explored in these dreams spots to have exciting escapes under the sunny European coastlines, either in summer or autumn and winter. The motor yacht with her length of 36 meters can go everywhere, even near cliffs, especially since the West Mediterranean has one of the most enjoyable climates to take a vacation!

The Western Mediterranean Yacht Itinerary

Don’t hesitate to put in your bucket list the West Mediterranean trip with this refined yacht! The different destinations are so magnificent that every stop is an exciting moment when you visit a city. Furthermore, the beauty of the multiple places to the European coastlines does not make the program for the trip very useful as there is so much to see. It is possible to plan your trip, though, and enjoy the best destinations given by your Yacht Charter. Starting your experience on the sea with Corsica, a French Island, is going to disorient you through the diversity of its landscapes. Then, you can continue to go down the coastlines in the south to visit the Spanish Balearic Islands to unveil its famous picturesque littoral. And, you can finish your cruise by circling the Spanish coastlines to reach Sardinia, an Italian island with breathtaking beaches.


The Mediterranean island of Corsica provides various landscapes, from chic coastal cities, dense forests to steep mountains with the highest peak of Monte Cinto. The island has also a big nature reserve, where you can hike on different circuits, particularly the GR20, known for its difficulty. Beautiful beaches such as Pietracorbara, very popular, or Saleccia and Rondinara, quite isolated, allow you to spend time with your close and professional relatives or alone.

Balearic Islands

The islands constitute an archipelago on the east coast of Spain. The largest island is Mallorca, with its popular beaches, its picturesque coastline and a mountain range of the Serra of Tramuntana in the north. The capital, Palma, is relatively known with its historic city center and its old buildings such as its Gothic Cathedral and the Moorish royal palace of Almudaina.


The Italian island is large, with nearly 2000 km of coastlines, natural sandy beaches, and a mountainous inland crossed by hiking trails. Furthermore, its steep landscape includes thousands of nuraghes, and stone mysterious ruins from the Bronze Age shaped like hives. Its nuraghic site, Su Nuraxy in Barumini is one of the largest and oldest sites as it dates back to 1500 BC.

Thus, the prestigious SabBaTiCaL SD118 Yacht allows you to experience the best trip on board and off the water thanks to its unique cruise program combining relaxation and historic knowledge.