San Francisco

Pier 39
In o­ne of the most tourist friendly cities in the world your choices abound in San Francisco. Moderate temperatures, a melting pot of ethnicities, and breathtaking views are just a few of the highlights of this US city. A site frequented by many is Pier 39.

Pier 39 is along The Embarcadaro and reached by either the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge. This Pier sits right o­n the San Francisco Bay. Everything you want from a tourist destination is at your fingertips. Shopping, fine dining, and the true San Francisco experience can be had.
You may choose to walk along the west side of Pier 39 and see the staple attraction of sea lions. As these animals sun themselves, dive for local cuisine, and bark to o­ne another they almost seem to be playing to the crowd.

If shopping is your forte then Pier 39 will be your haven. You can poke your head into a jewelry shop, gawk at the many novelty shops, and even find your perfect hat at the well known Krazy Kaps. Mixed in with all the stores will be an arcade for the kids and a few simple food stands for the hungry.

Market Street
Golden Gate Bridge
To end the day a Pier 39 patron has many restaurants to choose from. To make the day in San Francisco complete many choose the Crab House. This eatery is well known for its fresh fish and yes, of course, crab. No trip to California’s Bay Area is complete without a delicious crab dinner.
While tourist attractions are aplenty in San Francisco there is o­ne that takes the cake. You won’t regret visiting Pier 39.

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