Relationship between Canada and the USA

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If you stand in your yard and look up and down your street, do you know your neighbors? Can you count o­n your neighbors? Or do you not speak with your neighbors because of a difference of opinions? It's not that way with the United States and Canada.

Looking at a map of North America, there are two countries that comprise the bulk of the continent: the United States and Canada. Sharing the longest unmilitarized border, these countries have learned to live together for over 200 years. They have shared wars, commercial trade, tourism, and immigration. They have disagreed o­n many things over time: the War of 1812, the status of Cuba, missile defense and the War o­n Terrorism, to name a few. They have also joined forces throughout the 200 year history, such as during the World Wars and the Cold War, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the overall mingling of the peoples of both countries.

Throughout their history, both countries have learned to get along and rely o­n the other for various things. They not o­nly remain the world's largest trading partners, but they also share a border that neither country feels needs a military presence to maintain safety. They share tourism in many of the areas resting o­n their border, and they have maintained such good relations that residents of both countries close to the border frequently travel to the other country for shopping, employment, and other social activities.

While the countries have not always seen eye-to-eye, the U.S. and Canada have stood by as friendly neighbors for over 200 years. They have seen wars together, boosted each other's economies, and watched their people migrate across the borders. Through all this they have maintained their good relations and have earned a "Good Neighbor Award."

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