Panorama St. Francois
The Canadian province of Quebec is perhaps most notable for being the o­nly province where the official language is French. This French heritage gives Quebec a wonderful sense of culture and beauty that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Historic Attractions

Most visitors choose Quebec for the vibrant historic sites found there. Many of these historic attractions are located in Montreal, the capital city of the province. Great architecture can be witnessed in the city's grand churches, including the Basilique Notre-Dame and Cathedrale Christ Church as well as other religious landmarks like the L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal (St Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal), o­ne of the most popular Catholic Shrines o­n Earth. Other examples of historical architecture include Mcgill University, the Lieu Historique Sir G. E. Cartier and the Vieux-Port. Outside of Montreal, popular historic sites include Artillery Park and Place-Royale in Quebec City, as well as the Forges du Saint-Maurice near Old Trois-Rivieres.

Parks and Recreation

There are an astonishing number of parks in the province of Quebec. 27 of these parks are National Parks, which officially protected areas that feature diverse wildlife and stunning natural beauty. Examples of these beautiful parks include Gatineau Park, Parc national des Pingualuit, Aiguebelle National Park, Frontenac National Park, Kuururjuaq National Park, Oka National Park, Pingualuit National Park and Pointe-Taillon National Park. There are also several ecological and biodiversity reserves located in Quebec, which are aimed at preserving the natural wilderness of Canada.


Parc du Bic Accueil
Those who prefer the fast-paced urban life find countless shopping opportunities in Quebec, which is considered a great center of fashion in Canada. In Montreal, shoppers flock to the Carrefour Laval shopping complex, Atwater Market, Eaton Centre, Fairview Pointe Claire, Le Faubourg and Place Rosemere. Shoppers in Quebec City usually find themselves in the small boutiques hidden in the Latin Quarter and o­n the narrow avenue of ru du Petit-Champlain.

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