Montreal is a beautiful, culturally rich city in the Quebec province of Canada. The second largest city in Canada, Montreal is named for the Mont Royal hill that lies in its center. The French initially settled Montreal. As a result, French and English are both official languages. Montreal has beautiful temperate summers and cold, snowy winters. Thus, there are always a number of outdoor activities for people when it is warm and plenty of winter sports when it is cold. Coupled with a robust economy and a plethora of restaurants and cultural activities, Montreal is an ideal travel destination for couples, families, and the adventurous.

When looking for a place to stay in Montreal, you should consider o­ne of the many five star hotels that are located throughout the city. Hotels such as Le Relais Lyonnais and Le Petit Hotel not o­nly have excellent accommodations, but they also have superlative service. The city also has many bed and breakfast establishments and quaint inns that provide superior service in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere.

Montreal boasts a number of wonderful restaurants as well. Because the city is so diverse, there are many different cuisines to experience. Of course, there are transcendent French restaurants such as L'Express. However, Montreal has a number of exquisite places to eat. In addition to the many fine restaurants, Montreal also has some of the best shopping in North America. From the chic boutiques that line the Rue Ste-Catherine, to the fifteen miles of shopping to be found in the Underground City, Montreal is a shopper’s paradise.

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The city has great museums such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Notre Dame Chapel among many others. There is a vibrant theater and nightlife scene as well. Montreal is an amazing city, with a rich, storied heritage that truly offers something for everyone. This makes the city an ideal travel destination.

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