Recently, the state of Louisiana has been featured in headlines as a result of the disastrous 2005 New Orleans hurricane and the long process of rebuilding that has since taken place. Despite the great damage to the city, it has remained a popular tourist destination. Other urban centers in Louisiana, such as Baton Rouge, Lae Charles, Shreveport, Kenner and Lafayette also attract a multitude of of visitors. These cities are notable for their cultural appeal and unique attractions.

Historic Sites

History abound throughout the state of Louisiana and is preserved in a host of historic attractions. There are a total of 54 National Historic Landmarks located in Louisiana. The Delta Queen river steamboat, USS KIDD destroyer ship and the Deluge firefighting tug are some of the most unique historical sites in the nation. Nearly every small town and city neighborhood in the state includes a historic church, most notably, the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Church of the Ascension of Our Lord and Grace Episcopal Church. There are also many old plantations that give history tours, including the Hermitage Plantation, the Choctaw Plantation, St. Francisville's Cottage Plantation and the Destrehan Plantation.

Parks and Recreation

Several Louisiana attractions such as Jackson Square and the Garden District seamlessly mix history with nature. Also popular with history buffs are the Cane River National Heritage Area and Park, the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve and the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park. Those who prefer more secluded settings enjoy exploring the extensive state park system, which includes such gems as Chicot State Park , Jimmie Davis State Park and Tickfaw State Park.

Unique Museums

Mississippi River
Louisiana is a place where tourists can experience things they couldn't find anywhere else! Distinct finds include the New Orleans Voodoo Museum and the Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum, among others.

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