Lake Country

Okanagan Valley
Lake Country is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of the Canadian province of British Columbia. This county is made up of four communities: Winfield, Okanagan Centre, Oyama and Carr's Landing. Lake County is o­ne of the most scenic places in British Columbia, thanks to its mountainous surrounding, several lakes, and a plethora of fruit orchards that produce apples, apricots, cherries, pears, peaches and other delicious fruits. A host of historical attractions and other places of interest can be found in the four communities that make up Lake Country. Many of these attractions are described below.

Lake Country Museum

This is the historical center of Lake Country. The museum's many exhibits feature tools, old photos, sewing machines, record players, china collections, and toys from the 19th century. Additionally, the Lake Country Museum is where all the area's historical archives, newspapers, and other paper artifact collections are held.


Given the large number of orchards found in Lake Country, it should come as no surprise that wine is a major industry in the area. There are almost three dozen local wineries, most of which are located in the southernmost town of Winfield. Several wineries hold tours and have tasting rooms for visitors.


The local residents of Lake Country have a strong appreciation for the arts, which is why they hold an art festival known as ArtWalk every year. At Artwalk, over 200 local artists show off their best work, including paintings, photography, jewelry, and sculpture. The performing arts are also celebrated during Artwalk, which features a live theatrical performances in the Creekside Theatre.


Okanagan Panorama
The many lakes located in Lake Country (hence the name) provide endless recreation opportunities. Dee Lake, Deer Lake and Crooked Lake are favorites among the region's rainbow trout fishers. The many cross country ski trails make Lake Country a favorite winter recreation destination.

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