Key Largo
Florida boasts some of the finest weather the United States has to offer, a sub-tropical climate that makes outdoor activities a breeze year round. The miles of white sand beaches and abundant wetlands also draw many visitors to Florida in search of outdoor recreation and adventure. From the panhandle to the Florida Keys, there are countless options for all types of vacationers. The region is steeped in history and tradition as well, dating back to its birth as a settlement for Spanish explorers and religious travelers. Pirates, saints, Cajuns and colonialists are all a vital piece of Florida's history and can be linked to several sites throughout the state.

Florida is known as a haven for family-friendly vacation destinations. o­ne reason for Florida's popularity for family trips is the Disney World location in Orlando. Surrounding Disney World are a number of water parks, studios such as Universal and MGM, and a Six Flags Amusement Park in Kissimmee. Disney World is by far the most popular vacation destination in the state.

Travelers to Florida in search of a more natural environment for vacation fun or relaxation can hit the Florida Keys. Turquoise waters are prevalent among the Keys' islands, making the region popular for snorkelers, sport fisherman and divers. Key West is a legendary party destination with all kinds of recreation for adults and families, drawing many thousands of visitors every year. Key West was a hub for pirates and wreckers who preyed o­n ships stranded o­n the reefs surrounding the island.

Bahia Bridge, Florida
Natural beauty abounds in Florida, with picturesque beaches and forests found throughout. The Everglades National Forest is a popular attraction for tourists interested in Florida's native wildlife. Alligators and many different kinds of beautiful birds call the Everglades home, displaying their beauty for visitors o­n the Park's paths or kayaking through its waters.

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